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How long has Conscious Money been in operation?

Founded in 1988, Conscious Money has been providing financial strategies to clients for over 35 years.

I don’t have a large amount of financial knowledge – can I still engage a financial planner?

At Conscious Money we work with people from all walks of life – from the financially astute through to those starting on the journey to financial independence. We bring our financial expertise to you at a level that you are comfortable with and work towards you being in control of your financial future.

How much effort do I need to put into working with my 
financial advisor?

The more effort you can put into understanding your financial strategy the better, however we understand that each client has individual needs and tailor our approaches to the time that you have available – some wish to have a level of high input while others that wish to take a more passive approach.

My current superannuation fund and bank both offer free financial advice. Why should I pay for a Financial Advisor?

Paying for financial advice means that your advisory team are free to make recommendations based purely on your situation and are not swayed by commission or commitment to certain products or services. The team at Conscious Money work closely with a number of providers in order to offer you the best financial solutions, however we don’t receive commissions from any of them.

What qualifications do you need to be a financial advisor?

A professional standards framework sets the minimum education and experience requirements and ethical obligations for financial advisers. These include:

  • an approved Bachelor degree or higher;
  • a professional year of supervised experience;
  • a financial adviser exam, set by ASIC.

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