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It crosses all boundaries, all cultures, and can be found behind everything that you and everyone else on the planet does.

It influences all, from Kings and Queens, Presidents and Sheiks right down to the beggar on the street and everyone in between. It is almost akin to oxygen. Without it, you will suffer quite severely and life could be hell.

We go to war over it, we have political instability and stability due to it. It is manmade and yet does not really exist like a plant, animal, earth, air and water.

It can stimulate huge emotions. It can bring great joy and happiness yet it also has the power to inflict great misery, sadness, guilt, shame and anger. It is the main cause for relationship break downs.

It gains its power only with everyone’s buy in.

What is it?

It is…money.

What is money? It is an agreement, that is it. Nothing more nothing less. For it to work we all must agree to its value for it to be used in exchange for goods and services.

However, the issuer, the creator of a currency holds the trump card. Should the issuer, (the reserve bank in Australia,) decides not to agree then the physical money on issue is worthless.

India withdrawing its 1000 and 500 rupee notes is a case in point. The value of money can disappear and be created in an instant.


The Federal Reserve in the USA during the Global Financial Crisis (GFC) created $700 billion at the press of a button. Well, three buttons. The 7 button, the 0 button and the enter button. The 0 button being pressed eleven times. Then voila the Global Banking system which had stopped working for 2 days (banks are the pumps for the flow of money around the planet and had stopped giving and receiving funds on the 17th and 18th of September 2008) was kick-started with the instant injection of $700 billion. The effect was akin to that of a defibrillator. Money flowed once more, electronically that is.

is the fuel for the many, varied, complex and simple financial tools and vehicles. Money is like electricity or petrol. It doesn’t care, has no emotion, has no judgement. It can be used for good or for bad.

Choosing and using the right financial tool(s) can mean the difference between financial freedom or financial ruin, it’s the difference between poverty and dignity in retirement.

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