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I want a Financial Adviser who:

Listens to me

I want to work with an adviser who really gets to know me and my family, our values and what is important to us.

Answers my questions

I’m looking for an adviser who will spend time answering my questions and educating me about investing.

Understands my values

I want someone who makes recommendations that are in my best interest and match my values.

Stays in touch

I want my meetings with my adviser to be convenient for me – in person, by Skype and over the phone.

Helps me stay in control

I want my adviser to keep me informed, provide me with recommendations and reassure me that I am on the right track

How does Conscious Money help?

Listening to you – understanding your situation, dreams and values

Creating – confidence, trust and plans (financial, retirement, estate)

Building – relationship, wealth, nest egg, strategies

Protecting – family, wealth, estate, inheritance

Communicating – updating, explaining, checking in

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